Redfish Redhead Comedy Cabaret

redfish redhead comedy cabaret

Panama City Comedy presents an evening of redheaded comedy and music from some of the finest gingers in the Southeast at Mosey’s downtown in Panama City, FL. $20 general admission | Tickets available at EventBrite Free to Redfish Film Festival ticket holders (reservations required to guarantee seating) Full bar & menu Delicious pizza Adult content […]


Art30A Poster

Discover the vibrant world of 30A’s most exceptional artists. Our website showcases a curated selection of the top five artists in Santa Rosa Beach, capturing their career journeys and the profound stories that have shaped their creations. Immerse yourself in the personal lives of these talented individuals and experience the remarkable connection between their life […]

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Jodorowsky's Dune

Fascinating documentary details cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ambitious but abandoned film adaptation of the science fiction novel Dune – collaborators contributed later to Alien, The Fifth Element and Heavy Metal.

Killers of the Sea

Killers of The Sea | Redfish Film Fest

When human and animal predators threaten the game fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Captain Wallace Caswell Jr. is there to protect them. Captain Caswell is the Panama City, Florida Chief of Police and he has dedicated his efforts in stopping illegal fishing and harmful predators such as sharks, octopi and whales. Check out the […]

Tracing The Divide

Tracing the Divide Poster

Two life-long friends embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they cycle the rigorous Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico. Over 24 days, through wind, mud, and monsoons, the Divide tests their limits physically and mentally, yet the Divide is also a gift that allows them to look inward and rediscover themselves […]

Artemis 1

Following the inside story of NASA engineers as they race to build and launch the rocket, Artemis I, as it prepares for missions that will transport humans to the moon, then launch a journey to Mars and beyond.

Vigilante Town

Vigilante Town Wes Rolan

“Vigilante Town” is a gripping documentary by filmmaker Wes Rolan, delving into the chilling events surrounding the murder of Roy Van Kleeck and the ensuing vigilante lynching of his killer in Panama City, 1939. Through meticulous research and on-location footage, the film exposes the complex web of local politics and societal mindsets that fueled this […]

Killing Theodore

Killing Theodore Poster

Over the course of seven years, amateur LatinX filmmaker, Celene Beth, began filming a documentary about Ted Bundy that would turn her vision into a complete nightmare after discovering the complexities of second hand trauma, exploitation of victims, but most importantly, dehumanizing the people at the core of his crimes.

Aliens From the Sky

Aliens From the Sky

Despite ongoing efforts to tackle police corruption in South Africa, it remains rife and adversely affects the country economically, socially and politically. The buying and selling of sex services and all related activities are criminalized in South Africa. The criminalization of sex work means that sex workers are frequently in conflict with the law and […]

Gulf Coast Love Story

gulf coast love story

Gulf Coast Love Story is a new Gulf Climate Listening Project Film effort from director Dayna Reggero with Gulf Coast communities — deep listening along the beaches and bayous of the Gulf Coast and following the stories around the world — with a collaborative artistic endeavor grounded in love. Gulf Coast Love Story brings to the screen the hopes […]

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