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Redfish Film Fest 2024 is shaping up to have an a amazing lineup of documentaries. No matter what genre you’re in to, we’ll have something that will pique your interest!

Check back on this page often as we are constantly adding new featured films!

JAY: A Chef’s Story

“JAY” is a gripping 20-minute documentary that chronicles the remarkable journey of Jay Bonilla, a transgender chef hailing from El Salvador. Since a young age,

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Between Earth and Sky

Photo Credit: Andrew Nadkarni Renowned ecologist Nalini Nadkarni studies “what grows back” after a disturbance in the rainforest canopy. After surviving a life-threatening fall from

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The Oyster Shucker Documentary | Redfish Film Fest

The Oyster Shucker

Oyster shucking championships are an intense timed competition, for who can shuck the fastest and with the best presentation. This sub-culture attracts a large cast of

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Dear Josephine Movie Poster

Dear Josephine

Josephine Baker was a global icon known for her iconic banana dance but what many may not have known is how much Ms. Baker contributed

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Killing Theodore Poster

Killing Theodore

Over the course of seven years, amateur LatinX filmmaker, Celene Beth, began filming a documentary about Ted Bundy that would turn her vision into a

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A Young Man’s Sport

“Beekeeping is a young man’s sport,” says Steve Cantu, a 76 year old beekeeper from Wewahitchka, Florida. Steve has raised bees for more than 50

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The Shaun Nua Project

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champion and USC defensive line coach Shaun Nua returns to his home island of American Samoa to donate uniforms to every

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Renowned surfboard shaper Kelly Richards shares his life story and explains how he fought to put his tiny town on the surfing world’s map.

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Vernon, Florida

Vernon, Florida is produced and directed by Errol Morris profiling various residents living within the town of Vernon, Florida. Originally titled Nub City, this follow-up

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Ballet Bodies

This documentary explores black ballet dancers’ struggles in the past and the safe spaces they’ve created as a result.

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Score | Redfish Film Fest


  This documentary brings Hollywood’s premier composers together to give viewers a privileged look inside the musical challenges and creative secrecy of the world’s most

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Tracing the Divide Poster

Tracing The Divide

Two life-long friends embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they cycle the rigorous Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico. Over 24

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Back to the Drive In Movie Poster | Redfish Film Fest

Back to the Drive-In

  When the pandemic hit, drive-ins were suddenly the only safe venue in town, with press coverage about how drive-ins are “back,” and how they

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We Are Nature

We Are Nature tells the riveting story of Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria’s journey from suicidal despair to being a 4-time Grammy® nominated recording artist. As

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22 For 22

22 for 22 is an experimental short film and personal project, walking barefoot 22 miles a day for 22 days consecutively in nature, undergone to

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Art30A Poster


Discover the vibrant world of 30A’s most exceptional artists. Our website showcases a curated selection of the top five artists in Santa Rosa Beach, capturing

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Since its invention over 100 years ago, the vinyl record has revolutionized the way people hear and feel recorded music. In the 1980s, video killed

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Five Foot 280

Five Foot 280 is a documentary short that puts you in the head of professional drag racer Jasmine Salinas—a quiet, introvert who comes from a

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This Town Rocked

A community of misfits converge in the late 80’s and early 90s Fort Wayne, Indiana to create a punk scene that shook stages, bar floors

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For Who I Am

One community shares their homeless experience and current success inside Gospel Inc., a program housing chronically homeless at no financial cost.

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River Obscura

Dark and mysterious, blackwater rivers can be intimidating to behold. This 55 minute film explores a wild and remote river in Florida’s eastern Panhandle known

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Para Esteban

Gregorio, Dolores and Zoila are three elders excited about the arrival of a new member to the family; Esteban, their great-grandson. Through the memories of

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Longleaf Forever poster | Redfish Film Fest

Longleaf Forever

Longleaf Forever is a short documentary film that plunges viewers into one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Home to hundreds of

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Mama Cheetah Poster | Redfish Film Fest

Mama Cheetah

Deborah Gregory, the author of the Cheetah Girls, takes us through her rise to fame and parallelism between the story and her personal life.

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That Space Race Poster

The Space Race

  THE SPACE RACE uncovers the little-known stories of the first Black pilots, engineers and scientists that became astronauts. The bright dreams of Afrofuturism become

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Killers of The Sea | Redfish Film Fest

Killers of the Sea

When human and animal predators threaten the game fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Captain Wallace Caswell Jr. is there to protect them. Captain Caswell

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The Movie Man

THE MOVIE MAN introduces us to colorful entrepreneur Keith Stata and his bizarre multiplex set deep in the forest of small-town Ontario, Canada. After 40

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Beyond the Thread

This documentary is about the underlying reasons behind why we wear the clothes we wear. The documentary attacks fast fashion and looks at the value

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Listen to My Voice

Three women share their stories of abuse as they all hope to raise awareness on the ongoing issue of missing and murdered indigenous women.

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Sueño Americano

Barbershop owner Fernando Trinidad navigates the world of his origin, business, community, and social issues that all connect back to the idea of the American

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gulf coast love story

Gulf Coast Love Story

Gulf Coast Love Story is a new Gulf Climate Listening Project Film effort from director Dayna Reggero with Gulf Coast communities — deep listening along the beaches and

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Chasin Butterflies Poster | Redfish Film Fest

Chasin’ Butterflies

Butch Anthony is a lot like his art: eccentric, playful, authentic, charming, provocative, embellished, and layered. But, as a self-taught artist from a one-horse town

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The Michael Leon Project

“The Michael Leon Project” is a short documentary that follows the inspiring philanthropic journey of Michael Leon, a rising soccer star at the University of

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Jodorowsky's Dune

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Fascinating documentary details cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ambitious but abandoned film adaptation of the science fiction novel Dune – collaborators contributed later to Alien, The

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The Mole Agent

Photo Credit: PBS POV When a family grows concerned for their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires Sergio to become a

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Vigilante Town Wes Rolan

Vigilante Town

“Vigilante Town” is a gripping documentary by filmmaker Wes Rolan, delving into the chilling events surrounding the murder of Roy Van Kleeck and the ensuing

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Butterfly in the Sky | Redfish Film Fest 2024


Directed by Bradford Thomason & Brett Whitcomb BUTTERFLY IN THE SKY tells the story of the beloved PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow,” its iconic host

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Artemis 1

Following the inside story of NASA engineers as they race to build and launch the rocket, Artemis I, as it prepares for missions that will

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Shut Up and Paint

Photo Credit: PBS POV Painter Titus Kaphar uses film as a medium while grappling with an insatiable art market seeking to silence his activism. Broadcast

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Freeze Frame

Stratton Leopold is the owner and operator of Leopold’s Ice Cream parlor located in Savannah, Georgia. But with the parlor, he also found his passion

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Lake Wales Envisioned

This documentary film captures historic Lake Wales at a crucial moment, as the community comes together to rethink suburban sprawl and chart out a better

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The Swim Team

Photo Credit: Nicole Chan Parents of a boy on the autism spectrum form a competitive swim team, recruiting other teens on the spectrum and training

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King Coal | Redfish Film Fest


A lyrical tapestry of a place and people, KING COAL meditates on the complex history and future of the coal industry, the communities it has

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Show her the money

Show Her the Money

This is a story that’s never been told. SHOW HER THE MONEY addresses how women are getting less than 2% of venture capital funding and

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Fentanyl: you’ve heard the statistics. A grieving mother and an overwhelmed paramedic take us behind the numbers and put a human face on the epidemic.

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The Garden Angel

The Garden Angel is a heartwarming short documentary about 79 year old Bonny Fernandez, who for the past 30 years has single-handedly planted and nurtured

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Disappearing Waters

Disappearing Waters is a a poetic documentary taking the viewer through a meditative cinematic journey through Lake Jackson’s mysterious dry down. Narrated by Susan Anderson,

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Bending the Arc

The extraordinary doctors and activists whose work 30 years ago to save lives in a rural Haitian village grew into a global battle in the

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The Love Bugs

Photo Credit: PBS POV Over 60 years, Lois and Charlie O’Brien, renowned entomologists, traveled to more than 67 countries, amassing the world’s largest private collection

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Hall of Wonders

Mel Recker is the owner and founder of Hall of Wonders, an online vintage store. On the day of her going-out-of business sale, she reflects

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Other Worlds Poster | Redfish Film Fest

Other Worlds

The planets of our solar system are full of mysteries. Meet a few of the scientists who are using the James Webb Space Telescope to

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A Timeless Bond

In the world of hunting & gun dog training, Jared Thatcher of TDF Kennels shares his unique approach to training, emphasizing the strong connection between

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Aliens From the Sky

Aliens From the Sky

Despite ongoing efforts to tackle police corruption in South Africa, it remains rife and adversely affects the country economically, socially and politically. The buying and

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