Champagne & Bourdain

Champagne & Bourdain | Redfish Film Fest

It is customary to have a champagne brunch at the end of a film festival. Usually a small-ish, swanky affair. We love that, but we also love stories and storytellers. People like Anthony Bourdain.

So what if we combined the two? If you know Tony Bourdain’s work, I don’t need to explain. If you don’t, have a look at some of his many travel shows and you’ll see what I mean. No Reservations and Parts Unknown our my faves.


The story of this idea: Our co-founder, Kevin, was scrolling Facebook last year when he was struck by stunning photos of Indian food. The food was part of a private event. A Bourdain Day meal created by a woman named Melissa Seeuws. She owns an Indian catering company called Delhi Melly’s.

Kevin was smitten. And had an idea. What if we had Melissa do our brunch like a Bourdain Day meal?!


Kevin messaged Melissa. They met. Sparks flew. Melissa is on board and has something truly special for you.


Her menu is called Back in Asia. It will include Indian cuisine, but will also feature dishes from Tony Bourdain’s favorite Southeast Asian destinations from his Cook’s Tour series.

Examples include:
  • Lamb Prata Quiche
  • Pumpkin Lemongrass Soup
  • Rice Pilaf with Coconut Chicken Fry and Mango Pickle


Champagne & Bourdain will be held in downtown Panama City on Sunday, April 14. Tickets are $75. SOLD OUT

This event starts Sunday, April 14, 9:30 pm at The Sapp House.


We want you surrounded by stories at Redfish, dripping in them. Eating them. No one exemplified the power of food to tell stories like Anthony Bourdain.

Let’s celebrate him, and us.

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