Renowned surfboard shaper Kelly Richards shares his life story and explains how he fought to put his tiny town on the surfing world’s map.

Don’t Get Any IDeas

Underaged drinking is about faking it till you make it. But are fake IDs the problem, or should the legal drinking age come into question?

Changing Strides

Professional horseback riding is a dangerous sport. Six three-day-event athletes reflect on the risks and rewards.

Sueño Americano

Barbershop owner Fernando Trinidad navigates the world of his origin, business, community, and social issues that all connect back to the idea of the American Dream.


Fentanyl: you’ve heard the statistics. A grieving mother and an overwhelmed paramedic take us behind the numbers and put a human face on the epidemic.

The Town That Time Forgot

In this documentary about Micanopy, Florida, residents and shop owners paint the picture of what life is like in the earliest inland town in Florida.

Healing Paws: A Dogumentary

Working dogs around the world save and protect lives in a myriad of ways. Facility and therapy dogs are among this group of courageous canines.  

Freeze Frame

Stratton Leopold is the owner and operator of Leopold’s Ice Cream parlor located in Savannah, Georgia. But with the parlor, he also found his passion within the film industry. To being a producer at Paramount Pictures to traveling back and fourth to Savannah. We follow his journey from the start of Leopold’s, back in 1919, […]

Ballet Bodies

This documentary explores black ballet dancers’ struggles in the past and the safe spaces they’ve created as a result.

Beyond the Thread

This documentary is about the underlying reasons behind why we wear the clothes we wear. The documentary attacks fast fashion and looks at the value behind wearing clothes that you genuinely enjoy. Between costume designers, brand owners, and students alike, we get a better understanding of the self expression that comes along with the clothes […]

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