Redfish Panels

We’ve got a lot of panel discussions scheduled for Redfish and we can’t wait for you to attend! Please note, the list below is still be worked out, and is subject to change. But, go ahead and take a look for a sneak peek of what’s to come!

Local Filmmakers – Vernon Florida

Moderator – Kevin Elliott

GUEST 01 – Chucha Barber – “Unfiltered” – redfish release – Guy Harvey foundation* or Lex*

GUEST 02 – Cori Shepherd Stern, “Shiny Happy People”

GUEST 03 – Rebecca Sirmons – Vernon and how it changed her life

The Art of The Interview

Moderator – Greg Cruser, Emmy Nominated Prime, American Ninja Warrior

GUEST 01 – Northside Tavern Director?

GUEST 02 – Valerie*

GUEST 03 – Kevin Elliott

Remote Directing A Documentary – Tips, Tricks & Tools

Moderator – Sarah Moshman – Remote Directing Lecture/Talk*

Documentary Feature Fundraising – SugarDaddy A Case Study –

Moderator – Mike Cooke (director of Sugar Daddy Documentary)****

GUEST 01 – Anthony Hemingway

GUEST 02 – Anthony Davis

GUEST 03 – William Roebuck 

How to Respect Another Culture when working in a Foreign Land*

Moderator – Ford & Melissa Seeuws Lecture/Talk

True Crime Panel – Ethical Filmmaking

Moderator – Kevin & Lex 

GUEST 01 – Celene – We talked about making this a lecture. I like that at this point to control travel costs, logistics, etc, and Celene will definitely be able to fill the time. 

GUEST 02 – Rebecca Sirmons

GUEST 03 – Jim Rathman, True Crime Investigator or Ted Bundy Survivor*

How to pick pop culturally relevant subjects for your documentary? 

Pop Culture Professor from NYC – Lecture Talk

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